Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Why do You Need an APU?

Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) offer increased driver comfort, greater fuel savings, better driver recruitment/retention, idle reduction, lowered maintenance costs and higher tractor residual values. Thermo King is the global APU leader and offers the choice of the diesel TriPac® Evolution or the all-electric TriPac Envidia™. One is sure to be the right choice for your business!


TriPac® Evolution
Diesel APU

Thermo King's TriPac Evolution auxiliary power unit delivers substantial cost savings and superior driver comfort for fleets of all sizes. See why it's the number one APU choice in the industry. 

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TriPac® Envidia
All-Electric APU

We’re proud to introduce a clean, reliable all-electric auxiliary power unit (APU) that not only saves fuel but delivers unmatched driver comfort previously unavailable in an electric unit. Meet TriPac Envidia, the envy of the trucking world.

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