TriPac® Evolution

The next generation APU that delivers lower operating costs and improved serviceability.

Built on the industry-leading TriPac® auxiliary power unit (APU) and supported by the Thermo King dealer network, the TriPac Evolution raises the bar even higher with unrivaled performance, low operating costs, easy operation and true peace-of-mind.

The TriPac Evolution was not only designed to meet Tier IV EPA final regulation requirements; it was designed to respond to and anticipate evolving customer needs by leveraging new patented technologies that drive unit performance, efficiency and user productivity. Its performance is uncompromised. The operational savings are real.
TriPac Evolution Specs
Thermo King Tier IV final-compliant 2-cylinder diesel engine

Evaporator Airflow
250 ft3/min

14.5V, 65 amp 14.5V, 120 amp (optional)


HFC R-134a

Thermo King TM-15 Air Conditioning Compressor

Air Conditioning Capacity*

BTU/hr: 13,000 Watts: 3,810

The TriPac HMI (Human Machine Interface) Controller Features a simple three-knob design for easy operation.

Heating Capacity
BTU/hr: 7,500 13,600 Watts: 2,200 3,986 (optional)

System Weight (approx.)
APU Unit: 345 lbs (156 kg) HVAC System: 70 lbs (32 kg)

Warranty Summary
Terms of the Thermo King Limited Express Warranty are available upon request.

Extended Warranty
Several Extended Warranty options are available for your TriPac system. Choose a flexible program and select the warranty period, deductible and hours of operation that best meet your needs.

*ARI STD 310/380
Standard for Packaged Terminal Air-Conditioners and Heat Pumps for the rating conditions of 80F Box, 50% humidity, and 95 F ambient