Heat King 450 Series

Dependable freeze protection for temperature-sensitive cargo.

ThermoGuard VII Unit Controller
Achieves maximum fuel economy by automatically turning the unit on or off based on your flash-loadable programming.

Available in Standard, High and Maximum Output Models.
The right model for your cargo and conditions.

Whisper Quiet Operation
The standard low noise package keeps the Heat King 90% quieter than any other unit in its class.

Approved for Hazardous Cargo
Rated by the Department of Transportation to safely transport flammable liquids and gasses.

System Performance
Automatic start/stop heating

Standard Features
TK 2.7 diesel engine

One-piece unit frame

Alternator, 37 amp, 12V dc

Programmable ThermoGuard VII
microprocessor controller

CYCLE-SENTRY™ start/stop, including battery
sentry and block temperature-initiated restart

Heavy duty battery hold-down and tray

Remote TGVII display

Centigrade thermometer

Installation hardware

Auto engine restart to charge battery and when
engine block temperature drops below 30o F

Threaded battery post cable